Solo Weddings

Most of the romantic comedy movies show a big drama or an impossible love situation that engage the attention of any woman around the world. After a difficult moment, main characters find the courage to achieve their love and then a beautiful moment rises from nowhere..... Both kiss each other, this [...]

KFC disruptive campaign

One of the most effective marketing strategies for engagement is the Content,  for offline or online. Content Marketing allows people refreshing the brand awareness and keep it in their mind. On this article, we will show you a KFC disruptive campaign in the United States. KFC launched a sunscreen with a [...]

Instagram Stories are better than Snapchat

Many social media users around the world have complained about Instagram Stories and how it has copied most of Snapchat features. Actually, there are a lot of memes and parodies about this topic out there, here is one of the funniest and most professional that we have encountered (THE PARODY OF [...]

The parody of Instagram Stories

A few days ago Instagram has launched Stories to compete against Snapchat and to engage more millennials. Both have similar features such as short videos, writing and drawing over the image options, post duration of 24 hours, see who saw a post and others; But Snapchat has some others exclusive features [...]

the weirdest marketing rules for Rio 2016

Yesterday the Olympic Games Rio 2016 started with a colorful and happy opening ceremony, but there are several brands unhappy because of the rule #40 of marketing and advertising made it by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). We will explain to you some of the weirdest marketing rules for Rio 2016. [...]

Brands with different names

One of the most important decisions in marketing is the naming of a product or service, it is not only important because the product must transmit its benefits but it must be accurate regarding their values and customized to each country. Marketing chief office has to deal with naming when they [...]